End-troducting: Welcome to Infinite Universe

Welcome to the end of the world…….well, the end of the world as we known it. This is Infinite Universe, an Role-Playing game that takes places in an alternative world consisting of the combination of the Marvel, DC, and Top Cow comic book universes. Anything can happen. Relationships, alliances, battles. What ever your mind can conceive of is YOUR weapon. There are rules though……for instance: (1): Be psuedo-realistic when you RP: I mean, be creative but if you can be true to your character: self-created or already existing in the universes. (2) No God-Mode—— Even Superman has a weakness, so….C’mon!!! (3) No one-hit kills: Don’t be THAT guy!! -- you know, the “always Hadoukens you while playing Street Fighter and does nothing else” (4) BE RESPECTFUL: To yourself and others. I’m all about love in RL, so leave the real life bullshit in 3D, ya dig?? (5) This is the most important rule……Please, by all means……just have fun!!

The Story and Setting

The year is now 2023, many years passed since the crisis of the Skrull Invasion, the Decimation, and the Civil War. The world has rebuilt itself again.

With Tony Stark as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and current candidate for the United States presidency, many mutant and human politicians (that include current President of Genosha: Maximilian Eisenhardt Magneto, New York governor: Steve Rogers Captain America, and President of reformed X-Corporation: Scott Summers Cyclops) that still support the “Anti-Reg” movement form a political party known as the Open Air Party.

Their nominee to oppose Stark was the founder of the X-Corporation and active philanthropist, Charles Xavier. The two campaigned for two years. During Stark’s campaigning, using his resources with S.H.I.E.L.D. worked on several new weaponry projects the further enhance the dominance of the U.S. military.

Two of his experimental projects had been implemented. The first project was to recreated the “Project Sentinel” program used during the M-Day incident. This new program is directed by the current Secretary of Defense, James Rhodes War Machine. This program created a new class of soldiers involving joint-force tactics.

Entire squadrons/battalions of user-operated assault armors model after the MK III armor used by Stark himself. This led to a second Armor War which caused other countries to start developing their “Iron Armies”.

The second project was aimed to creating an armored suit without the necessity of major external maintenance, transportation, and risk of armor capture. This required the use of his old “Extremis” technology. The Extremis project was a altered version of the Techno-Organic virus that plagued the world decades ago.

Stark used the Extremis virus to fuse his Iron Man armor into his body, allowing him to “suit up” whenever possible. It also synced his brain with the entire Stark/S.H.I.E.L.D. network, controlling it mentally. His recently used this strain to created his covert operations intelligence team known as “Scarlet Team” from the former Iron Spider-Man technology.

After the success of the Extremis project, Stark began working on this new venture. With the tactical benefits of the T-O virus, demonstrated by the late-great Cable, he wanted to see how far its able to be used in combat. This was his plan to reinsert the defunct “Weapon X” program into the new world.

Using the Extremis virus, he genetically infused it with active living symbiote tissue and administered it to willing volunteers who were physically, mentally, and biologically stable to the procedure. A redefined version of the “Super-Soldier serum” was pumped into their body over time to regulate the rapid cellular growth of the combined genetic tissues.

This new new T-O/Symbiote hybrid was called the Ouroboros Virus (or Technocyte in the public). Dubbed “Project Neos”, many soldiers undergone the procedure. Their bodies being completely eaten from the inside out and reformed with bio-metallic marks and scaring. Only this was the first batch of soldiers. After six months of research and study, the use of S.H.L.E.L.D.‘s own S.P.I.N. (Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobots) technology to regulate the virus’ effects and inhibited the scarification.

Stark reprogrammed them to pump Terrigen Enhancite into the bloodstream to catalyze with the Ouroboros and rebuild the damaged areas of the body. While rebuilding the damaged areas, it awakens latent mutant powers and stores the “Wet Suit” Nano-Iron Suit. It can form the armor around the user’s skin and is power by the user’s internal bio-electricity enhanced by the T-O virus.

With the upgrades to the Ouroboros virus made, Stark assembled a new unit called “Sleepers”. With his victories over modern warfare dominated the nation, silently works on what his have publicly announced as his “last personal invention” before the presidential debate.

On Muir Island, miles deep underground, there lies a hidden research facility ran by a joint effort of S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.R.M.O.R. (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response Agency). This last and final contribution to the world was that of a weapon, but of a more “humanitarian” form.

Stark, having complete access to the A.R.M.O.R. facility gained possession of a Cosmic Cube and the famed Infinity Gems. As a way to reduce the risk this powerful item to be used as a weapon, he created a device called the Graviton Mass Field Generator.

Using the powers of the combined Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gem, the generator produces a perpetual energy source and with the use of Terrigen Nitrate (TgNO3) to stabilize its field. This new innovation was dubbed “Project Nexus”.

As the days grown closer and closer to the debate, Stark began to lose interest in his new conquests in technology and focused in total on his own image in politics. Soon after, the facility on Muir Island was shut down and the Graviton Generator was send over to the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in Washington D.C. by train.

Stark wanted to present his new gift to world on the day of the debate to insure his victory in the election. While in transit, the train was hijacked and the Graviton Generator was stolen. All of the crew on that train were killed.

It’s 12:30 pm in Washington D.C. The Presidential Debate between Tony Stark and Charles Xavier have started very intensely. It’s now 2:45 pm and Stark is awaiting his “package of hope”. Suddenly on the large overhead display, a man in tattered white hood comes through the screen. “This is a day that will change history for sure. Two sides battling for equality and justice for the American people, no….the world. I now hold the key to this world’s future. Courtesy of Mr. Stark, of course.” he said.

Stark looks at the man with shock as he sees his own creation setting in the screen. Stark yells, “I don’t know who the hell you are but..” The man interrupts, “But nothing, Mr. Stark. Absolutely nothing. The world is finished with idle threats, declaring wars for personal gain, and blood spelled for false hope. Today comes a new reckoning. A new world beyond the petty issues at hand. Welcome to Oblivion.”

As soon as the man said that the video feed cut out and shockwave hit through the crowds of people, knocking them everywhere. In the distance, there was a huge explosion and the sky lit up by a flash of light. Soon after shockwave came through and blew a heavy dose of Terrigen all across the city.

The blast spread a Terrigen cloud all across the atmosphere and inside the blast radius was a huge singularity rift. The rift started to spread all across the planet, changing things in the very fabric of reality.

When the Graviton Generator exploded, the energies of the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gem merged into a singularity rift and tore apart space and time. Multiple rifts were spread across the universe, merging other universes together into a singular world.

Now, beings from other universes exist together in one world. Chaos among the people has run rampant, and new alliances are being formed. Due to the Terrigen blast, multiple people and beings across the world were affecting by having they latent super powers awakened and now must live and find a new path in life in this new world of mutants, meta-humans, extraterrestrials, and super-humans.

A year passed since the detonation of the Graviton Generator and multiverse permanently linked in time-space. The cross-dimensional crisis bonded separate co-existing timelines through rifts scattered all across the universe into a shared reality. A.R.M.O.R. classified the separate universes to categorize those who arrives through the rifts. Those categories are:

Terminus Sector: Marvel and Top Cow Universes

Paragon Sector: DC Universe

Acheron Sector: Image Universe

With this new classification, those who live in either universe can acknowledge one another. Many cross-sector alliances were made. Tony Stark, for instance, left his path for the Presidency and form a partnership with Paragon Sector’s once villain now ex-president and active member of the Orange Lantern Corp , Lex Luthor.

He also partnered with Toshiro Kimata (whos real identify is Daken Akihiro, the illegitimate son of James “Logan” Hewitt Wolvervine), president of the cybernetics firm CyberData. With this merger, the three men combined their technologies and form the North American technological powerhouse known as the Seraph Corporation. New and devastating weapons were created to fight against any and every threat to the country.

People who saw this alliance as another push towards the end of the world banded together and formed militias all across the globe. One in particular is the actively violent T.A.L.O.S. (Transhumans Against the Legion of Shadows). This was a group of mutants and meta-humans fighting against potential cross-dimensional wars. T.A.L.O.S. was considered an Omega-class threat to the U.S. government and waged in wars in across the world.

There are many militias that exist that denounce cross-dimension relations and some that are also still anti-mutant/meta-human. The world is at war again with itself. You have to power to make a difference. Your path is your own.

Infinite Universe